Andy Huggins


Comedy is not just what he does, it’s who he is. Andy Huggins has been performing stand-up comedy for over thirty years. Always the consummate pro, Huggins has performed every venue imaginable, from family living rooms to packed arenas. He is equally at home in jazz clubs, as he is in traditional comedy clubs.

Huggins began his comedy career in a Charlottesville, Virginia coffee house. With his first step on stage, he knew comedy was what he wanted and needed to do for the rest of his life. Anything else was not an option, so like many great comics (and some not so great comics) it was off to Los Angeles. Huggins passed muster at the Comedy Store with his first audition and was quickly made a regular at the Hollywood and Westwood locations.

The break of his life and career came when he met Houston transplants Bill Hicks, Jimmy Pineapple, and Riley Barber, talented young comics who became close friends. One by one they moved back to their hometown of Houston and in September of 1982 they called Huggins and told him he needed to join them; there was more stage time in Texas. The boom was on! More stage time was all he needed to hear. It was on to the fabled Comedy Workshop in Houston.

Over the next several decades Huggins traveled the country working clubs and colleges. He was an integral part of the much lauded stand-up troupe, The Texas Outlaw Comics, featuring among others, Bill Hicks and Ron Shock. Huggins was commissioned to write for Jay Leno (The Tonight Show) and Billy Crystal (The Academy Awards), as well as two children’s plays produced locally in Houston, Texas.

Always known as a superior comic, Huggins truly “found his voice” when he headed into his Golden Years. Creatively, he feels he should have turned sixty twenty years earlier. Wildly imaginative, his material now has a comic edge that comes only with experience; experience in comedy and experience in life.

Despite his age, or perhaps because of it, Huggins is currently one of the most popular comics in the alt rooms of Houston, Texas. Known by his peers as a comics’ comic, he currently works comedy clubs, corporate gigs and even burlesque shows. Wherever the audience is and whatever the audience is, he never fails to score huge laughs with an act that is superbly crafted, expertly delivered and uniquely funny.